Minutes of HCR Club Meeting

Nov. 5th 2006 ó Yakima YMCA

After a 3 to 5 mile run by several members Eric called the meeting to order. First order of business, eating pizza and an array of delectable delights brought by members of the group.

Members present: Eric and Lori Anderson, Barry James, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Kenn and Jean Zahn and Jeanís mom Thelma Sasser, Bob and Lenore Dolphin, Pat and Karen Miller, Bill Pickering, Tom and Lin Lassiter, Tony and Joyce Sagare, Jean Flores, Rick and Pattie Becker and son Joshua, Holly Krahn, Harvey Cleem, Jamie Patrick, Gregg Broyles, Frank Purdy, Larry McCaw, Jeff and Joyce Hagen, Jodi Tucker, Carmen Garrison, Jack and Janis Carlton. Whew! My apologies if I missed any one or misspelled your name.

Frank then announced the points awards winners for the year. They were Bob Dolphin, Kenn Zahn, and making a strong comeback, Barry James. Additional awards were given to outgoing officers Eric, Tony, Virginia and Bill and Jim Kloster for donating storage space, the use of their cabin for and annual run and being strong club supporters. Kenn then presented a slide show honoring past achievement and running moments of Tony, Virginia and Eric. It was a very well done presentation Kenn! Bob and Lenore also made a presentation to Jeff Hagen, welcoming him into the 100 marathon club and his wife Joyce for her support.

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as posted on the web site.

Treasurerís report: Tonyís last for a while. Tony said we came out in the black for the year by $478.00 Due in large part to $1700.00 surplus from the Sun City races. Thank You Lorrie! Tony also noted that Wiley Hurst doubled his annual sponsorship money for the race. Thanks Wiley!

Club runs: The Wed. evening speed work sessions are ongoing at Franklin Park. Bring those headlamps. Pat has also put together a training program for the 2007 Canyon Marathon. Shooting for your first marathon? Nowís the time.

Jamie Patrick was present representing the Yakima Valley Sports Commission. He was asking for volunteers for the NWAC Community College Championships which they are trying to secure.

New business: Turkey Trot. November 19th at Sarge Hubbard Park.

The main order of business of the day was then taken care of. Presenting the new officers. They are: President, Barry James. Treasurer, Jean Flores. Secretary, Jack Carlton. Fun Run Director, Elizabeth Tutsch. Web Master (extrordinare) Kenn Zahn. Membership, Shante Bush. Newsletter Editor, the indispensable Frank Purdy. Anita Cleary was also announced as the race director for the Frosty 4 but a helper is being sought. Also the Vice President position is still open.

In other business, the Scholarship awards will be put on the agenda for the next meeting. Lenore also said that we need someone to be in charge of handling the Selah Civic Center for the marathon. Barry has also checked into race course certification. We think it is something that we need to move forward on and Barry said a committee needs to be formed to get it started.

Meeting adjourned, 3:50 pm. Respectfully submitted, Jack Carlton