HCR Club Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: 11/5/15

Attendees: Frank Purdy, Richard Bettencourt, Gregg Broyles, Randy Bolong, and Ron Urlacher.

Meeting lead by: Frank Purdy Meeting Start Time: 7:30PM Meeting Adjourn Time: 8:10 PM

Membership Report: No membership report.

Treasurer Report: We are running in the black. Sun City did well but not all cost in yet.

News Letter: No report

Face Book: No report

Minutes: Minutes were reviewed and approved.

Race Calendar/Equipment Rentals: Frank reported that the small clock batteries are going bad and would need to be replaced at a cost of $65.00.

Old Business:

New Business:

         Frank is looking into a starting up a weekend fun run group on Saturday or Sunday. The members were in favor of the weekend fun run.

         Frank throughout the idea of selling HCR cloths again. The members agreed.


Race Updates:

         Sun City: We received feedback that we could use more aid stations on the half marathon course. We also received feedback that the Honey Buckets were appreciated on the course.

         Turkey Trot: To be held on 11/22. The race will start at 1PM. Richard to get 2 turkeys.

         Canyon Marathon: Frank will post on FB for a trainer for the marathon.

         Winter Race Series: The first race will be held on 12/6 at the Green Way with a 1PM start.