Minutes of HCR Club Meeting

November 6th 2005

Yakima YMCA

Eric called the meeting to order at 2:10 P.M. Members present: Eric Anderson, Frank Covelli, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Barry James, Bill Pickering, Lorrie Smith and baby Cassidy, Tony Sagare, J.R.Phillips, Jack and Janis Carlton.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurerís Report: Tony said that Lorrie Smith did a great job directing the Sun City races. We had a net income from the races of $1,700.00. For the year, not so good. We had a deficit of $2,298.37. We are still in good shape though. We did have some major equipment purchases the past year. Budget matters, and the need for one in the next year, were discussed though.

Membership: Stands at 223 as of October 31st.

Newsletter: Frank was absent so there was no report. The newsletter was at the printers and would be out soon. The web site has been updated as of Nov. 3rd.

Club runs: The Turkey Trot is Nov. 20th and even though Pat is stepping down as fun run director he said he would handle this one. The will not be any more fun runs until the run at the Klarichís in early February due to the Winter Race Series and the Frosty Four. We are in need of a fun run director though.

Filling in for Frank, Eric then gave out the awards for mileage and points for the year. You will find the details elsewhere in the newsletter but Kenn was the overall point and mileage leader. He received the "retired but not tired award". Barry James was second in mileage. He received the "Barry, Barry good award" and Frank was awarded the "Gotta get out more award".

Eric then drew the winning name from all entries who had participated in a fun run during the course of the year. Jean Zahn was the grand prize winner and will be awarded a Forerunner G.P.S.

Then down to the business of the day. Election of officers, if you could really call it an election. Newsletter editor: Frank has volunteered to stay on for another year and the members were more than happy to have him continue in that capacity.

Fun Run Director: Position open. We need someone to step forward.

Treasurer: Tony will control the purse strings for another year.

Secretary: Jacks in for another year.

Vice President: Tabled until a future meeting

President: Eric has graciously agreed to run things for a third straight year. Thanks Eric

Old Business: Larry said we sold quite a few shirts at the Sun City races and they will be available at the WAS.

Eric is working on some special award that will be presented at a later date. Probably the Turkey Trot.

Eric then handed out card of thanks and awards to club officers and volunteer's. Tony presented Eric with a much deserved award for being the "volunteer of the year". Thanks again Eric!

Meeting adjourned 3:45 P.M.