HCR Club Meeting Minutes: December 4, 2009


Members Present: Elizabeth Tutsch, Richard Betancourt, Frank Purdy, Barry James, Susan Pierce Richards, and Sarah Michael.


Elizabeth called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.


2010 officers were introduced as well as other members present.


Membership: HCR has approximately 200 members.  Membership is currently in flux as renewals for 2010 continue to be updated.  More new members and renewals are expected following the WRS events.


Treasurer’s Report: Richard shared that we have a positive cash flow in HCR’s savings, checking, and Kids’ Marathon accounts for December.  He stated that the club’s accounts have been moved from WSECU to Columbia River Bank.


Winter Race Series Update:  Frank said that preparations are in place for the WRS which starts December 6.  Frank shared that volunteers are needed at the finish and along the Sarge Hubbard Park course.  The Sarge Hubbard course has been changed, making its distance 3.0 miles long.  Frank purchased 10 small cones for marking the course.  He said that the smaller cones are much easier to manage and handle than the larger ones.


Yakima River Canyon Marathon Update:  Frank agreed to be “race director in training” for the 2010 YRCM event.  He shared that conversations regarding a new director for 2010’s WRS will need to take place in the future.


Jingle Bell Run:  Frank said he would bring the small clock and stand to the Jingle Bell Run on December 5, 2009.


Insurance:  Barry volunteered to submit club insurance forms for 2010.


Selah Fund Run:  Susan Pierce Richards and Sarah Michael from Team in Training asked if May’s Selah Fund Run (a charity event for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) could become an HCR event and use the club’s insurance to cover the event.  Elizabeth said we’d research the parameters of our policy and have officers vote on a later date.


Frosty Four Update: Rory shared that brochures are ready to be printed and will be included in next month’s club newsletter.  Forms will be mailed to previous participants and members.  Rich Kloster’s art class at Davis High School will be designing t-shirts for FF4 2010.  MCI is donating $150


Meet adjourned at 8:15


Respectfully submitted,


Barry James