Minutes of HCR Club Meeting

December 4th Yakima Athletic Club

New President Eric Anderson called the meeting to order at 6:59 P.M.

Members present: Larry McCaw, Frank and Pam Covelli, Terry Cliett, Kenn Zahn, Eric Anderson, Steve Pratt, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Brad Vaux, Frank Purdy, Jack and Janis Carlton.

Janis read the minutes of the last meeting since Jack was kind of croaking. They were accepted as read. There was no formal treasures report since Tony was absent. We were in the black for the month and in good financial shape.

Old Business: Eric recognized Steve and Mike Pratt for their monetary support, volunteer service and opening their facilities to the club for selected events and the club meetings. Eric presented Steve with a plaque of recognition and a gift certificate. Presumeably Steve will pass Mike’s on to him.

Membership report: Virginia reported 2 new in November, 19 renewed and 30 dropped. Total membership stands at 175. Virginia also wanted another entry put into the newsletter explaining the new yearly membership. She sent a sample around the table of what she thought needed to be included and asked for further suggestions.

Fun Runs: About 35 runners turned out for the Turkey Trot. Frank Purdy and Jean Zahn were the winners at predicting their time. The next fun run is at the Klarich’s. Check the schedule for future fun runs.

Winter Race series: Everything is set. The 1st race is Sunday Dec. 7th. Permits have been obtained for all courses. Volunteers are welcome.

New Business: Frosty Four race fees were discussed. Larry volunteered or was volunteered to be race director. Eric volunteered to be course director. Brad Vaux, owner of Vaux Shoes (Glenwood Square) made a presentation to be a sponsor of the Frosty Four and the YRCM. His money was happily accepted. There was some haggling about how much that was going to be.

Eric was approached by Cindy Degrossilier about possibly helping out with a fund raising walk. She may be at a future meeting to make her pitch.

Kenn brought up the possibility of having a New Years Eve 11:45 run. If interested contact him through the newsletter or web site. Next meeting January 8th 2004.

Respectfully submitted. Jack Carlton