HCR Club Meeting Minutes
Meeting Date: 12/4/14
Attendees: Frank Purdy, Richard Betancourt, Joseph, Mai Hoany Parmentier, and Ron Urlacher.
Meeting lead by: Frank Purdy Meeting Start Time: 7:05PM Meeting Adjourn Time: 7:45PM
Membership Report: No membership report.
Treasurer Report: We are running in the black.
News Letter: No report
Face Book: No report
Race Calendar: Not reviewed
Old Business: Kenn is looking into web design software in lieu of hiring a firm to create our web site, so we can stay in our budget.
New Business:
Race Updates:
• Sun City: Revenue numbers are in and the race did very well financially. Normally a break even event. Also it was Washington Hematology Oncology that donated the $500 dollars for the race, so a big thanks to them.
• Winter Race Series: Frank reports we will do registration in the garage at the Greenway. Frank has left over bibs and pins already to go. Frank has team entry in the registration forms this year. Richard and Mai are helping with registration. Joe will be doing the time machine.