Minutes of HCR Club Meeting

Dec. 7th 2006 Ė Yakima Athletic Club

The meeting was called to order at 7:02pm. Members present: Barry James, Pat and Karen Miller, Kenn Zahn, Eric Anderson, Tony Sagare, Elizbeth Tutsch, Jack and Janis Carlton.

The minutes were read and accepted.

Treasurerís report: Was given by Tony, filling in for Jean. We had a positive cash flow for the month. Income was mostly from membership dues and Winter race series entry fees. Major expenses were for the elections banquet and our dues for RRCA. We have sent in our dues for 225 members. We currently have 130 renewed. Tony also gave a report on Lenore Dolphins health. A shock to many of us. She had to undergo a 4 hour operation for a heart problem but is doing well now.

Membership: We have 4 new members.

Newsletter: Frank said we are a little behind schedule, but itís the holiday season and Frank has a lot going on. The next one should be out in about a week.

New Business: First race of the WRS went off well except for the fact that the race director ran the course, pre-race, and had the entry forms in his car. We will need all entrants who didnít sign the waiver to do so at the next race.

Frosty 4: Anita Cleary and Karen Miller will be co-race directors. Weíre running a little behind on race preparation but things will take off now that the race directors are in place. There was a lot of discussion on what needs to be done. Tony said a donation to the reserve officers fund is in order.

We are having problems with the big clock. It was the consensus that if we canít get the problems resolved, we will send it in for repair after the Frosty 4.

Club runs: Wednesdays as usual. The Christmas light run will be on the 13th at 6 pm.

Scholarship: Kenn handed out the criteria for the scholarship program. He wanted committee members to offer suggestions and get back to him. He would like to get the forms out to the schools by January.

Meeting adjourned: 8:07pm. Respectfully submitted, Jack Carlton