Minutes of HCR club meetings

Dec. 2,
Yakima Athletic Club
   Eric called the meeting to order at
7:04 p.m. Members present: Eric Anderson, Frank and Pam Covelli, Terry Cliett, Kenn and B.J. Zahn, Pat Miller, Stan Helmka, Larry McCaw, Bill and Virginia Nicholson, Tony Sagare, Jack and Janis Carlton.
   The minutes of the last meeting were read and accepted.
Virginia then gave the membership report. We had seven new members, 109 renewed with a total membership of 212.
   Newsletter: Tony came in packing them. After the meeting, we labeled them for mailing.
   Club runs: Pat had copies of the first club run report. He said to hit him with questions and any suggestions you may have for future runs.
   Treasurer's report: "We have money." Major expenses for the month were for the newsletter mailing and printing. Most income came from club dues. All sponsors have paid for the
Sun City races.
   New business: Frosty Four was discussed. All sponsors are on board. It will be supported by MSI Construction, Golds Gym, the Yakima Athletic Club and attorneys Hurst, Brumback & Brusic. Entry forms, awards and fees were discussed. The permit will be taken care of soon. Winter Race Series: 38 are registered, and volunteers are set.
   Kenn passed out a yearly calendar with tentative race dates. Kenn is going to try and get the next 12 months on the Web site. He also had forms filled out for each race event we sponsor to send to the Greater Yakima Chamber of Commerce. They will go onto their calendar of events. New RRCA membership is by household. Cost will be about $1,114.00. Membership starts Jan. 1. We need to have our dues to them by the end of January.
   Eric adjourned the meeting at
8 p.m.

   Respectfully submitted,

Jack Carlton