Bi-Pass Biathlon: 2007

The 2007 day of the dual event was great for all that dropped in.

A 'hearty' run followed by some great foods. (note the red and white blood cells to the left). (click here to see some of the other great foods including the awesome fruit pizza, muffins, soup and other greats.)

Participants ran/jogged/walked distances from 20 miles to 4 miles. (click here to see us.)

And click this line to see the other pictures.

this is a part from Pat about this yearly event:

"the Bypass Biathlon. 13 years ago on March 10th I was camped out on a hospital bed while a team of surgeons were up to their elbows in my chest cavity patching some bad ticker plumbing. Trust me when I say that I am grateful that it worked! We have made a tradition of celebrating this event with a competition of running and eating (two sports, “biathlon”, get it?) on the Saturday closest to the 10th—just happens to be a Saturday this year. Cool huh? Kinda like Karma!!"