BiPass Biathlon 2008

Great running but the foods prepared by Pat & Karen Miller were the crowning touch!

The 'black toe-nail' cookies......cookie cutter MADE by Pat, prepared, baked & frosted by Karen & Pat - Fruit Pizza that melts in your mouth, home made soup, fresh home made bread, beverages and superb social time by all!


14 years ago on March 10th I was camped out on a hospital bed while a team of surgeons were up to their elbows in my chest cavity patching some bad ticker plumbing. Trust me when I say that I am grateful that it worked! We have made a tradition of celebrating this event with a competition of running and eating (two sports, “biathlon”, get it?) on a weekend day closest to the 10th—just happens to be a Monday this year but will celebrate it on Sunday for 2008. Cool huh?

Anyway- After the run we will have soup and bread and fruit and munchies and beverages and maybe Karen’s famous theme cookies and that popular crowd pleaser, the Fruit Pizza?

So plan to run and stick around and mingle and eat! A good chance to plan race strategy, see what people look like without hats and re-hash the latest injury!