HCR's Club Social Fun Run - June 21, 2006
"First Day of Summer, Beat the Trolley & Climb a Mountain"

The club run on the first day of summer was a great evening event thanks to club social fun run director Elisabeth Tutsch.

We celebrated the first day of summer with the 6 PM start on 6th Avenue by Lions Pool/Davis H.S. and headed north following the RR (Trolley) Tracks. At 6:15, the trolley, which we chartered for the evening, started in the same direction. So, the unofficial run was on to see who would get to the RR trestle at the Selah Gap first. "We did beat the trolley" was the shout as we crossed the trestle.

Now the third part of the evening event started, a little climb to the top of the hill. It was only .45 of a mile, but we gained 500 feet of elevation. The pictures show the great view from the top. No rattlesnakes, lot of cheat grass, wild flowers and a few small cacti were underfoot and all of us were definitely consuming large amounts of oxygen going up!

We enjoyed the view coming down and back across the trestle to the awaiting trolley. A great ride with narration and explanation of the workings of the system were presented to us. Many had the opportunity to ring the bell and sound the whistle as we were heading back to the trolley barn.

Upon reaching the trolley barn, we were given a nice tour within to see the equipment and workings.

Well done to all that made the run and to ET for a great run.

Pictures by

Pat Miller