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Grey Rock Trail Race

July 7, 2012

12K, 25K & 50K.



Results from 2011

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Here are photo links of Grey Rock Trail Run from last year (2011):

Sonny LaForm photos various trail views…

Michael Hisey photos near start…

Lori Anderson staging/finish area…

Carol Stuhley photos at 24K aid station…

Sheri Boyd photos at 12K/36K aid station…

from 2010

Debbie & Gailon Gentry

Karen & Pat Miller



from Sonny LaForm


Fantastic Scenic Views

(did you see the elevation map?)

Fresh Air

(you will need all the oxygen you can get!)

Abundant Wildlife To View

(remember that 'buzz-tails' have the right-of-way.)

Great Food At The End Of The Race

(remember that 'abundant wildlife?)




.....and you are paying to do this?