Fitness for Kids Marathon 2010


          More than 100 elementary school children from sixteen schools representing six school districts participated in the Hard Core Runners Club Third Annual Fitness for Kids Marathon at Sarg Hubbard Park on October 17th.

          Supervised by an adult, the kids recorded their first 25 miles of running and/or walking from the end of August until October 16th.  The culminating event was (about) a 1.2 mile run/walk for the participants and parents at Sarg Hubbard Park.  The Fitness for Kids Marathon was not a race, and its goals were for children to have fun, set goals, get exercise, gain endurance, build confidence, promote family participation, and learn about making healthful lifestyle choices. 

          Many parents completed official feedback forms and lots of others gave us verbal feedback.  All comments were very positive.  Families really like this community event!

Directors Barry and Sarah James would like to thank a number of volunteers who helped with registration and various other jobs at the final event:  Camille Rimmer, Pam Wyatt, Eva Lust, Kate Saldano, Frank Purdy, Al Brown, Leslie Hatton, Spencer Hatton, and Brain Richards.  Thanks also to Janis and Jack Carlton (and their grandkids) for doing “Identi-Kits” for many participants through the Washington State Employee’s Credit Union.

To keep costs down for families, the Fitness for Kids Marathon relies on many generous sponsors.  The event would not have been possible without donations from:  WSECU, Orchard-Rite, Rev-it-Up, dentist Doran Riehl, the Yakima Greenway Foundation, Meadowbrook Family Fun Center, Yakima Athletic Club, Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Argus Insurance, BCC Investments, and GM Moen Construction.  Our sponsors kept entrance fees low (only $5), giving each child participating a cool t-shirt, bracelet, finisher ribbon, bookmark and other fun items.

Look for next year’s event to be better than ever!  Thanks to the Hard Core Runners for all the support!!


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