HCR's Club Social Mountain Fun Run
August 14, 2005
On behalf of the HCR's Club, a special "Thank You" to the Klosters for hosting the 10th year of the special mountain fun runs and potluck.

Host: Jim Kloster

Pat, Karen, Roger, Beth, JJ, Brian, Jodee, Elizabeth, Holly, Ed, Cindy, Camille, Eric, Larry, Jean & Kenn.

Click Here to see pictures taken by Pat Miller, Karen Miller, Eric Anderson and Kenn Zahn

An EXCELLENT DAY for a run in the mountains. 15 runners went into the mountains and 15 returned to cool down in the river from the 80 degree temperature under clear blue sky.

The long runners left at noon and headed for the top of the ridge and back which was over 12 miles total with a vertical gain of about 1600 feet. It was a lot more fun coming down than it was going up too. The regular runs started at 1 PM with runners & walkers doing 1 to 7 miles of fresh mountain air and forest scenery.

Following the runs and refreshing plunges into the river, the food and beverages were spread out on the tables for all to enjoy. Various salads, fresh fruits, pasta, baked potatoes, cookies, brownies, and fresh peach cobbler helped to replenish burned up calories.

Thank You to all for making this a great Sunday afternoon.

Our next club social fun run is on August 25th, 6:30 P.M. at Franklin Park. After the run, another visit to the Museum Ice Cream Soda Fountain is planned. All are welcome to join in for a run and or walks.