Kenn’s Killer Klimbing Kalorie Kicker & Kanyon Kickoff
Saturday's Long Runners Report of December 10, 2005

Start: 8:00 A.M. – Finish: 10:10 A.M.
Total human Runners: 11
Total non human runners that ran with us the entire distance: 1
Temperature at start: 10 degrees
Temperature at finish: 18 degrees
Elevation at Gold’s Gym: 1013 feet
Elevation at broadcast antenna towers at the top of the Yakima Ridge: 3021 feet
Distance from Gold’s Gym to antenna towers: 6.84 miles
Total running distance: 13.1 miles (returned by a shorter & steeper descent route)
Number of short stops to check the map for directions: 3
Number of lung transplants needed: 11 humans sets and one dog set.
View from the top: ‘Fantastic’
Number of threats from runners to burn down Kenn’s house for proposing this course: 10+
Number of times Kenn considered burning his own house down for even thinking of this course: ‘numerous’
Most common comment made at the end of the run: ‘Never thought this would end’
Most common comment made 15 minutes later: ‘Well, that is a new course to add for the long runs……….when are we going to do it again?’

pictures and map directions by Pat Miller