KKKK - February 11, 2007 (Kenn's Kold Kickass Klimb)
Several weeks ago, we trundled through the snow to reach the top of the ridge at the antenna towers to enjoy a great view of the valleys to the north and the south.

This time, we slogged trough the fog, mud and goop to try to find the top. Nature let us know that winter has not expired yet as there was a thin trace of snow at the top of the ridge. The view was pretty poor due to the fog, but the challenge of reaching the top still causes the adrenaline to flow…….or maybe it was the 2000 feet of elevation gain in the 7 miles to the top?

Well done to those that continued down to add another 13 miles to total a 20 mile marathon training run. The rest of the poor ‘soles’ (foot weary type) survived the 13 to 15 miles.

Thanks to ‘Ardy’ (the truck) who carried Pat M nearly to the top so he could take pictures, supply water/gel/power aide and support to all.

Not pictured – Kate and Camille, ....... they are somewhere in the fog.....

top right - local resident along the course viewing the 'tourists'


right - 'Ardy'