Long Runners of April 9, 2006
Rosauer’s parking lot on 72nd Avenue was the long runners start and finish area. After a photo op by Eric Anderson, (who conveniently was not in the picture……something about he was taking it…..), saw the thundering herd off at 8 AM. With a goal of an easy 10 mile loop, it started with an uphill grade to Summitview, west to 76th and UP to Englewood to head west and UP again working north and west to the top of the Cowichee Canyon trail head……through the gate and UP onto the top of the canyon along the fresh muddy trail. The good news was with the cool 40 degree temperature, the ticks and ‘buzz-tails’ were still napping for the morning. The scenery was nice with some of the small yellow and larger purple flowers in bloom…..at least looking down to avoid the rocks that were reaching out to trip us allowed us to see the flowers.
At the west end of the railway, we practiced some of our real cross country skills as we squeezed through a barb wire fence…ouched only a couple times, then following our fearless leader of the mid pack runners (C.R.), we enjoyed a ‘scenic tour’ of the Summitview Gravel Pits…..neat piles of rock there.
Well, enough of that mud and dirt and gravel and whatever else was on the pathways. Now, it was all downhill heading east on Summitview to return to our point of origin. Only 4.5 miles to go……so, what happens with our group…….’let’s pick up the pace!’ (What is this ‘we’ stuff?)
Down the Summitview grade we went, with some enjoying a nice leisurely pace and conversation and some of us huffing and puffin to try to stay with the group. Oh yeah, the lead group was out of site and we had some half mile plus straight-a-ways ahead of us. I was looking for some cheese and bread with all of my whining going on, except my vocals were too busy trying to get oxygen by them to the lungs. (That should be worth at least 2 points for the whining competition of the day.)
But with the downhill, there must be some rollers of uphill and they appeared and somehow persevered over them.
72nd Avenue traffic light….there it is! A right turn and a nice downhill grade to our finish back at the parking lot.
Well done to all. A walk…..yeah, a nice long walk across the parking lot to Starbuck’s for some beverages and then a nice long walk back across the parking lot to Euro Bagel’s rounded off the post run activities.
Our best to Greg and Camille at the Boston Marathon on Monday the 17th!
Good running to all.