Long Runners, Medium Runners, Short Runners and PANCAKES!

Sunday, the 29th of October, saw a nice group take an 8 A.M. run from the home of Jean & Kenn Zahn. The general route was to run to the top of Konnowac Pass, add a short easterly route on Nightingale Road to the top of a small knoll and back. Of course, the 'short added route' turned out to be an extra 3 1/2 miles with a short 100 foot elevation climb in a tenth of a mile to the top of the 'knoll'. Pat's famous words of, "it looked flat on the map" did not slow the cardiac overload, but will admit that the view was spectacular from the top.

On the runs today were Bill (new guy) Pickering, Eric (lame duck president) Anderson, Barry (one year anniversary of healthy liver) James, Crystal (finally done with the chronic cough) Towne, Camille (marathon PR one week ago) Rimmer, Sean (Hawaii Ironman finisher a week ago) Cleary, Pat ('it still looks flat on the map') Miller, Karen (getting faster) Miller, Kate (gearing up for a national triathlon) Soldano, Jodee (20 miler day prep for December marathon) Peterson, Jean (hostess) & Kenn (hoster) Zahn.

Pancakes were cooked by Chef Pat Miller. Joining in to help us consume the 'cakes' were Jeff (just did a 24 hour ultra and Mt. Clemons hike) Haggen, Joyce Haggen, Anita Cleary, Tucker Peterson and Buster (chowhound) Dog and Bomber (with all the barks) Dog.

Click here to see photos taken by Karen Miller, Jean Zahn, Camille Rimmer & Kenn Zahn