Second Annual



September 23, 2006

          Welcome to our second Apple Ridge Run Invitational! Thanks to a generous donation of funds, land and time by Strand Fruit of Cowiche, our dream of an ideal running/racing venue is nearly being realized. The grass is still in the works, but the trails are cleared and ready to be used.

Attending High Schools:

Bickleton, Black Hills, Granger, Eisenhower, Naches Valley, Royal, Selah, Sunnyside, Zillah and Highland

Attending Colleges:

Central Washington University, Northwest Nazarene, University of Alaska (Fairbanks)

Team Fee:

$45 per school


Apple Ridge Run Cross Country Course – 5000 Naches Heights Road in Yakima.

*    The 160 (est.) acres of property consists of about six miles of trails that are 10 to 30 feet wide. The following will be used for the races:

*     Junior High Race: A 1 ½  mile, course consisting of flat running surface and

one short hill. The surface is all dirt. Spectators can see most of the race from the bleachers.

*    High School Race (First Flight): A 3-mile course consisting of three

loops. The same hill used in the jr. high race will be used twice. Other than

that, this course should be fast! The footing is all dirt.

*    High School Race (Second Flight): Our normal 3-mile course that involves

two short hills. The course is run over two long loop and a short loop. The surface again is mostly dirt with some patches of grass.

*    High School Race (Third Flight): A two loop course that involves some

short, steep hills with periods of flat areas in between. It is very similar to the

course used in the college races. Footing consists of grass, dirt and gravel.

*  High School Race (Fourth Flight): A 5K that is ONE LOOP that circumnavigates our whole property! The first two miles are generally a slight downhill decent with the exception of two short hills. In the middle of the third mile, however, lurks a grade that is approximately ½ a mile in length.

The footing is mostly dirt, with areas of gravel and grass.


Ribbons will awarded to the top 10 girls and boys in each race. A trophy will be given to top boys’ and girls’ team (team trophy for high school only). A free shirt will be given to all who finish the Fourth Flight. There will be no awards for the community race.


The top two finishers in a flight team will score for their team, thus a perfect score would be nine points. Only the three flights that a school scores best in will count for team scoring. This allows a school to avoid a course if they wish without harming their team point totals. If unable to fill a scoring flight with two runners, the place behind last place will be given to the athlete(s)


College Races:

            9:25 – National Anthem

            9:30 – College Men (4 Miles)

            10:00 – College Women (3 miles)

Middle School Race:

            10:40 – Girls and Boys (1.5 miles)

High School Races:

            11:00 – First Flight: Boys and Girls (3 miles)

            11:30 – Second Flight: Boys and Girls (3 miles)

            12:00 – Third Flight: Boys and Girls (3 miles)

            12:30 – Fourth Flight: Boys and Girls (5K)

Other Races:

1:15 - ¾ mile race for Highland School District youth

1:30 - Open (community members, coaches, athletes who didn’t compete, …)  (3 miles)


PLEASE E-MAIL A RESPONSE TO ME BY SEPTEMBER 1, 2006. Otherwise it will be assumed that you are not interested. Involved teams will receive an information packet in the mail by September 8. Please contact me if you have any questions.


      Kelly Mattson

      Head Cross Country Coach

      Highland High School

      School e-mail:

      School Phone: (509) 673-3141

      Home Phone: (509) 697-3526