from Sarah James
As many of you know, my husband and best friend, Barry, passed away yesterday (December 4, 2012). Aaron and I are surrounded by loving family and friends and are trying to process our huge loss as we work though the details that need to happen. As I read posts from many of you I am reminded and filled with gratitude that Barry touched many lives. I also know so many care about Aaron and me. Thank you so much for your support and friendship. Barry's service will be at the West Valley Junior High auditorium on Saturday, December 15th at noon.


Apple Valley Elementary staff on Wednesday recalled longtime second-grade teacher Barry James as a strong role model for students.
James, a 17-year teacher who had a long battle with cancer, died Tuesday.
On Wednesday, West Valley School District counselors offered support to students, parents and staff.
James, 43, was the president of the Hard Core Runners Club in Yakima. After being diagnosed with epithelioid hemangioendothelioma in October 2005, he continued to run, lift weights and live as healthfully as possible. The disease is a rare vascular cancer that most commonly results in tumors in the liver and lungs.
His attitude garnered him the Livestrong Challenge Award in 2008. Cyclist Lance Armstrong presented him with the award in Portland during the annual Livestrong Challenge, a road race and cancer fundraiser sponsored by the Lance Armstrong Foundation.
His wife, also a school teacher, Sarah James, nominated him for the award. In her essay nominating him, she wrote:
“ Barry’s most impressive commitment to the fight against cancer is personal. Barry doesn’t consider himself to be someone who ‘has’ cancer. He believes he’s an individual ‘living strong’ who happens to have rare tumors on his liver and lungs.”
Apple Valley Elementary School Principal Heidi Sutton recalled James as “just a strong fighter, a strong, humorous, great fighter,” during a Wednesday telephone interview. “Just a strong role model for all our children.”
In memory of James, students and staff on Friday will wear yellow Livestrong T-shirts, walking and running the elementary school track from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m. Parents are invited.
“ It’s just a way of our building saying ‘hey, we’re celebrating him,’” Sutton said. “We’re honoring him.”
Family members have reserved the middle school gym at 7505 Zier Road for a Dec. 15 service, but a time has not been announced.
from Yakima Herald - December 6, 2012