Indian Summer ½ Marathon & 5K Race
September 10, 2005
Richland, Washington

Race Conditions: 9 AM – 60 degrees – mostly overcast – Pathway along the Columbia River (mostly flat) – Course-out & back - …….it does not get any better than this!

Pat Miller and I motored to Richland for the race. Arriving a little early, we walked about the Richland Marina area, checked out the restaurant nearby and the other facilities at the marina/park.

The previous weekend was long runs…..Pat did a 21 miler as he is preparing for a marathon and I completed a 15 miler in preparation for a couple ½ marathon races in October, November and January. This weekend was a cut back-slow down recovery weekend of running. So, our plan was to run a tempo run with a goal of about 8:30 per mile pace.

After registering and warming up/stretching, we lined up for the 9 AM start. At the starting line, we briefly talked with Larry Liebert who was doing the 5K and with Jeff Oreskovich who had planned for a 12 mile run this weekend in the Yakima area, but made a last minute decision to drive to do the race instead. What is another 1.1 miles in addition to 12 miles? Jeff finished with a 1:58ish time.

The start from the Columbia Point Marina parking lot area was smooth and quick. After the first .1 of a mile, we were on the pathway going along the residential condos/duplexes. Just over a mile, we were into the park and heading north along the mighty Columbia River. To make our morning more interesting, the sky started to leak lightly for about 15 minutes.

Lot of interesting sights along the pathway, people drinking their morning coffee as they set in the balcony of their condos/duplexes, lots of geese along the river edge banks and in flight, great volunteers at the aid stations, two fairy princesses with tu tu and tiaras handing out water and Gator Aide at one of the stations and the normal dogs walking their masters along the pathway.

We basically followed the pathway for 6.65 miles, turned around and headed back for the finish. Around mile 8, we picked the pace up a little and ran low 8 minute pace and some sub 8 minute miles.
We almost took a side detour between mile 11 & 12 as a sandwich board was at the edge of the pathway advertising ice cream and other goodies.

We crossed the finish with a 1:48:18 and a 1:48:18.00000000000000000001 for our times. Not too bad for a couple 55 & 57 year olds who place overall and ended up with 2nd and 3rd places in our age groups.
As for our goal of running tempo, well, our slowest mile was an 8:35, with most being between 8:15 and 8:25. A couple 7:50’s and a 7:35 gave us an 8:15 per mile average for the race.
So, with some quick calculations, we determined that this would equal out to 3 pancakes, butter, syrup and fruit toppings which we did do at Denny’s a little later.

Thanks to my brother Don and his wife Peg for taking the pictures of us.

A “Well Done” to the 3RRR’s Club, race director and all of the volunteers for putting on a great race.

Congratulations to Crispin Garza who won the 5K. Just a note, the next day, he won the 10K Salmon Run 05 race.

Check out the Three Rivers Road Runners web site for complete results.