Greetings Hard Core Runners,

This is a quick update (FYI) on Larry McCaw's plan to run 57 miles to celebrate his 57th birthday this Thursday (Nov. 17th) starting at 5:30 a.m. (yes, starting in the early a.m.) in front of the Yakima YMCA (corner of Yakima & Naches Avenues). Larry will attempt to do the 57 miles (that is 38....1-1/2 mile laps or loops) around Naches Avenue in front of the "Y". Goodness....I get tired just thinking about it!
Many of you know Larry, but for those that don't.... he is a long term devoted runner/member of our club, past Social Fun Run Director and current Frosty Four Mile Race Director.
So .....if you are planning to run on Thursday (anytime) ....well, why not stop by and run a few laps with Larry.....say hello and wish him well. I'm certain that he would really appreciate it. Tony Sagare & I will see Larry off on Thursday morning at 5:30 A.M. and you are certainly welcome to join us!

Cheers ......Eric & Tony

Hi All,

Larry finished with a very respectable 29 laps on N. Naches Ave. (43.5 miles+). He is resting comfortably at home eating a well deserved B'day cake. Congratulations & Happy Birthday to Larry and thanks to all for making his day!