Welch’s Tri-Cities Marathon Relay 2005

(by Pat Miller)
(Sing to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island theme. Sorry for sticking the song in your head for the next few days…)

Oh sit right back and I’ll tell a tale
a tale of a relay team.
That headed off to Richland
to pursue a running dream.

Three passengers set sail that day
In Rimmer’s big sport ute’.
To meet up will our teammate
For a 3 plus hour cruise.
---A 3 plus hour cruise

The weather was not getting rough
As Kenneth took the start.
To start his leg towards Rimmer.
who’d surly do her part.

Transition 1, a piece of cake
the same place as last year.
A change was coming later
of which we did not hear.
---Of which we did not hear…….

Or maybe we neglected
To fully read the part.
Which said the next transition
was in a different spot.

Camille is burly gal but
steam began to vent.
As her spot to hand to Patrick
simply came and went!

Without runner 3 to be seen
she simply kept on going.
An additional 8 tenths or so
her teammates finally showing.

Up --at last year’s hand off spot.
We all heard leg three was new,
but only Camille was now aware
they’d moved transition two!

So Pat took off on portion 3
Expecting 6 and a few tenths more.
But handing off to William
his GPS read only 5.4!!!!

Last year’s wind was really rough
Small William he was tossed.
But this year he faired better
As quickly the line he crossed.

To get us into 2nd place
8 minutes faster than before
in Co-ed Masters we did rock.
Nice hardware we did score!

The finish feast was quite a treat
As Kenn, Pat and the “Rocket”
watched in rapt amazement as
Bill filled Virginia’s pockets!

So that’s the story of our race
quite fun by our recollections.
Back again next year I’m sure.
We’ll read ALL of the directions!!