Hard Core Runners Club Annual Awards, Officer Election & November Business Meeting – November 5, 2006 – Y.M.C.A.

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This years event was highlighted by our outgoing officers and incoming officers for 2007.

The traditional club social fun run started at 1:00 P.M. with runners touring the northeast section of town and crossing under the freeway to take the Greenway path on their return route to the Y.M.C.A..

As the enjoyment of the pizza and various ‘potluck’ foods were used to ‘refuel’ after the runs, the award presentations started.

Frank Purdy presented the ‘yearly point awards’. These awards are based upon a combination of practice miles, club run miles, racing miles, attending business meetings, helping at HCR sponsored races and setting personal PR’s.

Three club officers retired from their positions this year. A 15 minute multimedia presentation was made showing pictures of each of them over the last several years as related to their running and club officer positions.
Virginia Nicholson has been the club’s membership officer for the last several years. She has done a terrific job with her responsibilities and keeping all informed of their membership status.
Eric Anderson has been vice president, then has been the president of our club for the last three years. His leadership and coordination has led the club along on a very positive and cheerful direction. He will continue to be active in the club as the race director of the Clear Lake Memorial races in June.
Tony Sagare is a founding member of the Hard Core Runners Club. The club was chartered on November 7, 1977. During his time with the club, he has held all of the club’s business officer positions at one time or another. He has been the club’s treasurer for the last 11+ years.

Bob and Lenore Dolphin presented Jeff Haggen with a special award. Also receiving recognition for her outstanding help & support of Jeff during his ultra races was his wife Joyce.

The 2007 club officers elected are:
President – Barry James
Vice president – position open
Secretary – Jack Carlton
Treasurer – Jean Flores
Newsletter – Frank Purdy
Membership – Shawnta Bush
Club Social Fun Run Director – Elisabeth Tutsch

Be sure to read the next edition of the HCR’s Club newsletter for all of the details.

Hard Core Runner Club Officers for 2007


Barry James - President
- Vice President - position open
Jack Carlton - Secretary
Jean Flores - Treasurer
Frank Purdy - Newsletter
Shawnta Bush - Membership
Elisabeth Tutsch - Club Social Fun Runs