The 27th Annual Cable Bridge Run was raced on December 17, 2005

The race starts at the Lampson's office building on the Kennewick side of the Cable Bridge and finishes inside the Lampson Maintenance Shop in Pasco. This year, the weather was overcast, about 22 degrees and a 'refreshing' northerly breeze.

As in the past, Santa Claus was hoisted up in a cage by a Lampson Crane and started the 1300+ racers. The only 'hill' in the race course is the first 1/2 mile which is the Cable Bridge arch. After that, it is flat and fast.

This year, it appears that the lead 5K & 10 K racers at the 1 1/2 mile area were stopped briefly by a train. Those of us back a couple minutes were not impeded.

Below are the overall winning times and local racers.


27th Annual Cable Bridge Run – Kennewick to Pasco 
December 17, 2005
(1376 finishers in all races)
Cloudy, 22 degrees, northerly wind at 5-8 mph.

10K overall winners:

 1  M13 Chris Cherry, Kennewick                     34:22  
 1  W20 Elva Dickey, Kennewick                      38:51 
10K local finishers
Open Male Division (124 finishers)
44  M50 Kenn Zahn, Yakima                           47:33
48  M50 Patrick Miller, Yakima                      47:51 
56  M70 Bill Nicholson, Yakima                      49:13  1st age group
118  M20 Eric Pelz, Yakima                         1:04:29 

Open Women Division (83 finishers)
3  W20 Amber Green, Selah                          42:17  3rd overall women’s division & 3rd age group
16  W50 Camille Rimmer, Yakima                      49:41  2nd in age group
34  W30 Holly Krahn, Yakima                         53:50 

5K Overall Winners
1 M20 Sean Williams, Baker City-Or 17:56
1 W30 Nicole Stewart, Pendleton-Or 20:39 

5K local finishers

Open Males (421 finishers)

22  M40 Crispin Garza, Selah                        20:59  4th in age group
39  M13 Daniel Way, Selah                           22:05
303  JrM Jordan Hemp, Moxee                          33:55
304  M40 Jeff Hemp, Moxee                            33:55 

Open Women (417 finishers)
86  W50 Karen Miller, Yakima                        30:09 
119 W60 Virginia Nicholson, Yakima                  31:42  2nd in age group

1 Mile Overall Winners

1 M13 Brian Bragg, Burbank 5:32
1 W20 Morgan Ingersoll, Richland 6:43 

1 Mile local finishers

Open Males (139 finishers)

130    Seth Mooney, Selah                          19:39 

Open Women (192 finishers)

7  W20 Erin Fishburn, Yakima                       8:36 
138    Tracy Mooney, Selah                         16:58 

(my apology if I have missed entering you.  Please send me an email and I will update. kz)

Bill Nicholson (with the great racing color shorts - 1st in his new age group)
Virginia Nicholson - 2nd in her age group
Kenn Zahn
Karen Miller
Pat Miller
Holly Krahn
Camille Rimmer - 2nd in her age group