Sacramento Marathon
December 3, 2006

From JoDee Peterson Sacramento Marathon December 3, 2006

Sacramento was awesome! I was a little nervous knowing there were going to be 5,000 runners at the start but it really wasn't that bad. I started out behind the 4:15 pace team and thought to myself that if I finished between the 4:05 and 4:15 I would be happy. It's a down hill start with lots of rollers for the first half and the second half is pretty flat. I was really getting tired of the rollers then I heard someone say this is the last hill! I ran most of the race in front of the 4:05 pace team and the guy leading the team was great. He would say things like "this is not a hill, it's just an opportunity to run slower" and on the down hill he would say "okay let's give ourselves a break here and let's stretch out our legs some". The spectators were awesome. Music was loud and cheer leaders were everywhere. I remember running down a hill around the 4 mile mark and there was a DJ set up at the bottom of the hill with these huge speakers pointed in each direction. Welcome to the jungle was the song he was playing and you could hear it for miles. Then the other song I remember was towards mile 22 was sweet home Alabama!

I stayed in front of the 4:05 pace guy up until around mile 20. I was heading over to the water station and the gal handing out water ran out so I had to go back to the table and get some water. I figured I could catch up with the team. Then all of the sudden we had head wind! I couldn't catch up and I was shot! The last 6 miles was total misery. I just bonked! Maybe I ran the first 20 too fast? My hamstrings were really tight and my legs felt like sticks ready to break. I would pass a few that appeared to be worse off then me and some would just blow right by me. Finally the finish line was getting near and then nothing hurt. J I started picking up the pace and passing everyone!

Finish time was 4:12:30 and chip time was just under 4:11. I was happy!

Next year I'll go back and try to qualify for Boston. My qualifying time will be 4:00. I'm excited...

(JoDee set a marathon pr by 42 minutes.)