HCR President Barry James ran an impressive 5K at the LAF Livestrong Challenge, a race both supporting and spotlighting cancer research and recovery in Portland on September 30th. His 5:52 pace speeding him along to finish in 18:42 which was good for 7th overall and more importantly a multi-minute spanking of legendary luminaries Lance Armstrong and Alberto Salazar. A fast time even before factoring in that our beloved pres is a cancer survivor, less that a year out from major surgery. Barry, in an attempt to make small of his performance, offered that the big dogs were just doing a training run. Hey Buddy!--"A win's a win" . 'Just a training run' is an excuse I haven't even used yet! 


Impressive in her own right, Barry's wife Sarah, knocked off a very respectable 30 minute first ever 5k! Barry might want to be careful about looking back if they are in the same race. Satchel Paige might be right.

Nice job to both of you!!


Pat Miller


and from Sarah James

Hey Friends,

Many of you know Barry and I participated in the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Challenge in Portland on September 30th. It was my first 5K race and it was great! My goals were to run the whole 3.1 miles, not to double Barry's time, and to come in around 34 minutes (I'm slow). We'll, I finished in 30:43 and was actually pretty proud of myself. Barry ran his fasted since high school, came in at 18:46, finished 6th overall, and was the first cancer survivor to cross the finish line. He even beat Lance and Alberto Salazar who both "jogged" the 5K. He shook Lance's and Alberto's hands at the finish line. Barry wore his "survivor" bib on his chest, and I wore one on my back that said "In memory of Cindy." Anyway, it was a wonderful event.

If you'd like to check out photos of us running the 5K in the rain, the URL is below. On the photographer's website, click on the right-hand sign on the Livestrong Challenge icon, then click on Livestrong Portland September 30th and enter our "bib" numbers. Barry's was 2923, and mine was 2924. My favorite is of us together after the race collecting a yellow survivor rose from a sweet little girl.

It was fun!!!