From: Greg Barstad
Wednesday, June 27, 2007 2:33 PM
Pat Miller
Subject: Pine Hollow Tri


I loaded up the family and headed south to Wamic, OR. to tackle the 3rd annual Pine Hollow Tri on June 16th. It's near Tygh Valley......on the other side of Dufur......about 40 miles south of The Dalles......pretty much in the middle of nowhere, but lots of deer and other critters to look at and enjoy.


It's an odd little Triathlon; 300 yard swim / 9 mile bike / 8 mile run that really favors the runner.


There were 34 of us lined up for the running beach start, a very balanced mixed of seasoned triathlets and others that just wanted to check off doing a Tri sometime in their lifetime.


Until the very last minute I was not going to wear my wetsuit, but then I realized I haven't been in a pool since last summer, and had zero pool time (heck it's only 300 yards, right?)


So I get nervous and put my suit on just minutes before the start. Good thing I did, the 300 yards seemed like 3000 yards, but somehow I was fourth out of the water.


T1 was a disaster, had a hard time walking let alone running to my bike, I was sixth out of T1 because of my bumbling and stumbling tying to get myself together.

The bike was a short 9 miles around the lake with a steady headwind on the backside and pretty uneventful. Finished sixth off the bike, and was eighth out of T2.


I remember Pat Miller telling me brick workouts are important, I remember scoffing at him, he was right I was wrong!


Not only was it hard to put my running gear on, the first two miles into the run I was trying feel my legs, at about mile 3 I started to feel better. At mile 6 is a pretty substantial hill that went about mile and I was not at all embarrassed that I walked part of it.

There were plenty of water/power aid stations along the way to offer support and encouragement.


Ended up 11th overall and had a great time.


Now I have to go consult Pat about those brick workouts......maybe even visit the pool?   


Editors note: Greg placed first in his 45-49 age group!

Roger Rowles, also from Yakima, was 1st in 60 to 64.