The Fiasco in Pasco - May 19, 2007

Run 5K - Bike 30K - Run 5K

Story by Pat Miller

Pictures by Karen Miller

Racing in the Wind- the 2007 Fiasco in Pasco

It didn’t start off rocky for the Yakimen that day
Temp was great no rain in sight the winds were still at bay.
So off we were to Pasco with running shoes and bikes
To hammer at Fiasco, Kenn, Pat, Frank and Mike.

The running is cross country- 5K of hills and trails
The surface soft with lots of loft, it converted us to snails.
The course the same for everyone I shall not dwell to whine.
I’ll save that for the bike course. The wind had turned sublime.

The course more square than round which gave us all a chance
to feel the gale upon our tail from left and right it’d glance.
In our face was still the best and though we stayed quite aero.
While I raced, I was paced by a man with a wheelbarrow.

All were treated equal as racers from here and there
Fought dirt and dust, bags and gusts that filled the fine spring air.
Kenn was almost splattered by a rolling, tumbling weed
The size of a Kia Rio traveling at highway speed!

Finally back to run again the rocky ride fades away
The hurt begins, legs full of pins more dues we get to pay.
The last 5K, slow as sludge, to say the least ‘twas rough.
Kenn’s side hurt, my tank was dry and two ‘bricks’ are not enough.

All that said is moot though for hardware still we’d see.
A “blue” for Mike, a “blue” for Kenn and pretty “red” for me.
Frank was somewhat hampered, his bike leg hard to forget
Eighteen miles of windy roads on a mountain bike from Target!

So our hats are off yet once again to Eric and his crew
For a race well done that’s always fun and challenging to do.
And the weather sometimes gets the press but only plays a part.
The Fiasco’s cool, never cruel, as soon as the man yells “Start!”