Grey Rock 50K and 25K - July 14, 2007

Nearly triple last year's turnout and falling race records made 2007 Grey Rock 50K Trail Race the best ever. All race category records fell again this year. Jeff Hashimoto from Ellensburg broke his own record in the 50K men's division by over 5 minutes setting a new course record of 4:47.33. The women's 50K record was broken by Eva Lust Wright of Yakima with a time of 6:11.36, 1:17 minutes faster than the old record. Top athlete in the 25K event was Karin Kupp of Yakima with a time of 2:41.49 beating the all time record by over 19 minutes. Top men's time in the 25K was Michael Jorgensen a senior at PLU with a time of 2:43.33 also beating the old course record.

Over all results:

50K Men's Division

Age <30

Jon Shea 25 Ashford, WA 6:29.05
Wei Teh 28 Boise, ID 8:05.04
Matt Glew 28 Kirkland, WA DNF

Age 30-39
Jeff Hashimoto 36 Ellensburg, WA 4:47.33
Benjamin Rickey 32 Yakima, WA 7:07.06
Chad Nelson 39 Priest River, ID 8:15.13
Brandon Lott 34 Burbank, WA DNF

Age 40-49
Ben Volk 42 Pasco, WA 5:42.46
James Klarich 44 Wapato, WA 7:34.24

Age 50-59
Eric Anderson 55 Yakima, WA 8:08:19
George Midbust 53 Richland, WA 8:13.57
Micah Smith 51 Richland, WA DNF

Age 60+
Jeff Hagen 60 Yakima, WA 6:52.06
John Bandur 69 Federal Way, WA 9:14.55
Jim Updegrove 69 Riggins, ID 10:19.10

50K Women's Division

Age 30-39
Eva Lust Wright 37 Yakima, WA 6:11.36
Sally Nelson 32 Priest River, ID 8:15.13
Stacy Otter 30 8:30.48

Age 40-49
Carey Grazis 45 Ellensburg, WA 7:27.47
Diana Robinson Bellingham, WA 8:30.41

Age 50+
Debbie Kolp 53 Seattle, WA DNF

25K Men's Division

Age <30
Michael Jorgensen 22 University Place, WA 2:4.33
Jacob Smith 20 Richland, WA 3:33.56
RJ Lott 29 Richland, WA 4:13.58

Age 30-39
Jeffrey Martin 39 Bellevue, WA 3:31.36

Age 40-49
Brad Vaux 43 Yakima, WA 2:47.39
Art Veyna 45, Issaquah, WA 3:08.26
Darren Boone 46 3:33.36

Age 50-59
Dale Fuller 54 Pasco, WA 3:05.15
Ethan Bergman 55 Ellensburg, WA 3:16.15
Phillip Sheely 50 Kennewick, WA 3:32.40
Frank Purdy 54 Yakima, WA 4:06:40

25K Women's Division

Age <30
Kate Anderson 25 Ashford, WA 3:01.33
Dione Rasmussen 26 Richland, WA 4:13.58

Age 30-39
Karin Kupp 38 Yakima, WA 2:41.49
Tanya Hoff 35 Yakima, WA 3:33.35
Mary Riehl 39 Yakima, WA 3:33.35
Liz Allen 37 Zillah, WA 4:39.55

Age 40-49
Merrilee Hurson 49 Yakima, WA 3:37.36
Kate Soldano Yakima, WA 3:41.05
Sandy Boyd 44 Mabton, WA 4:33.46

Age 50+
Jane Updegrove 58 Riggins, ID 4:54.43

A HUGE thank you goes to members of the West Valley Fire Department for taking great care of our runners. We couldn't dream of this run without your help. Thank you very much to Bill and Virginia
Nicholson for running the North Fork aid station. You took care of 21 25K runners at their half-way point and 21 50K runners going out and coming back. Great job! Thank you to Jeff Hagen for helping organize the race and showing us how to run a great time while you cough your lungs out!
Thank you all! We'll see you next year!

Gailon Gentry
Race Director