Nationals – from Donna Nettleship


December 13, 2008

Plantes Ferry Recreation Park - Spokane, Washington


The USATF National Club Cross Country Championships will feature the

top clubs from across the United States as they vie for honors and

bragging rights as the nation's top cross country team. More than 40

clubs and 1,000 competitors are expected to compete.


Our team, "Hard Core Women’s Masters"did remarkably well under the severe

weather conditions. 15 degree temperature and 30 mph wind added to the chill. We all had a

hard time breathing. We wore spikes for the icy conditions. Thank goodness,

USTAF supplied warming huts, because with a 2 minute countdown to the

start to peel off our sweats and froze our pretty (hee, hee) littles

asses off!!  Gun goes off and our team persevered the harsh conditions. We all made

it through to the finish. Some females were pulled out and taken to the

medical tent.


Our team, age group 40-50 took 8th out of 15 teams.


Check out the results for the women and men.  (including Rick Becker who is #1 in the age graded results!)


The files are in pdf format.


Masters Women's Team Results
Master Women Age Graded Results
Master Men Age Graded Results