Ironman Canada

August 29th


JoDee Herrell Peterson

I survived the race.

Finish time was 11:59:33 Just made it in under 12 Hrs.

The crowds get loud at the finish line when your that close to 12 hrs.

A guy yelled at me and said "75 seconds!

Pump your arms you'll go faster.

Wish I could thank him. :)

927 of 2605 finishers

21 of 149 in age group

Cascade Crest Classic 100 Miler


Finish time of 29:53:20 at age 63.

60 of 78 finishers, most "experienced" runner

One of the toughest 100 mile trail endurance runs of the western USA.

Eric Anderson was Jeff's pacer for the last 47 miles!

Jeff Hagen



(Thank You to Joyce Hagen for these additional pictures!)