Large LED Clock (Dual sided 9" Numerals) @ 2 Hrs. $35.00
Each additional hour @ $12.00

Small LED (single sided 6" numerals, clock & tripod $30.00 @ 2 hours
Each Additional Hour $10.00

Time Machine Print-out Timer, each @ $30.00
Finish Line (Equipment & Setup) $20.00
Bull Horn $ 5.00
Mileage $.35/mile

HCR's Club Finish Line Equipment is for rent.

(left column pictures)

The large clock is double-sided with 9 inch display numbers.

The finish line stand, cones and finish chute streamers are part of the rental pakage.

Optional small clock (one sided display) and tripod: top right column

The 'Time Machine' for recording individual finishers is shown below the small clock. We have two Time Machines available.


Contact Gregg B. - 966.9140

The equipment form must be filled out and presented to the HCR Board 1 (one) month prior to your run.

Click Here For Printable Equipment Request Form (pdf format)

If is not, we cannot guarantee the necessary equipment for your run.

The equipment is rented on a first come, first serve basis.

(updated October 2013)