YAC Fitness Gym (formerly Gold’s Gym)


To Get There: 

From North/South 1st Street and Yakima Avenue -

Drive east on Yakima Avenue.  Cross over Interstate 82 as Yakima Avenue becomes Terrace Heights Drive.

Continue east by the Oxford Suites/Inn motels, Greenway Auto Mall.

Cross over the Yakima River.

At the next traffic light, turn left onto Keys Road.  There will be a Shell gas station and a Chevron gas station on the corners.

Cross over the railroad tracks and turn right at the next road.  A medical center is on the north corner and YAC Fitness Gym is on the right. 

Park in the west area (next to Keys Road).



5K Loop:  (Click here to see map)

Walk out to Keys road and turn right.  About 75 feet, in line with the north end of the medical center building, you will see a ‘5K Start’ mark in white paint on the curb edge. This is the start of the 5K Sun City Race course.  Face the traffic light to the south and start.  Cross the RR tracks, at the traffic light turn left onto Terrace Heights Drive. 

Follow Terrace Heights Drive up the hill to the traffic light (about 1.25 miles from the start) and turn left onto 41st Street.

In approximately 25 yards, turn left onto Commonwealth.

Follow Commonwealth as it curves along the canal.

At the ‘T’ intersection, mile point 2, turn right onto 33rd Street.  Follow it to the next corner, approximately one block, and turn left onto Butterfield.

Follow the road as it curves to the right and then to the left.

At the bottom of the grade, turn left onto Keys Road and follow it to the entrance to YAC Fitness Gym parking lot.


  Terrace Heights Drive looking east

4.3 Miles  (5.05 if optional Sportsman State Park loop is added):  (click here to see map)

Walk out to Keys Road.  Turn left facing the traffic light and start.

At the traffic light, continue straight across Terrace Heights Drive going south. (probably will have to wait for traffic as you wait for the ‘Walk’ signal.  Good time to stretch a little.)

Follow Keys Road south and as it curves to the east.

After crossing the railroad tracks, at the T intersection and stop sign, approximately 1.4 miles into your run, turn right.

Going south again, still on Keys Road, cross the railroad tracks again and at the next intersection, turn left onto Gun Club Road.  (If you want to add .75 of a mile, you can turn to the right here, enter Sportsman State Park, run the loop road and back out and continue onto Gun Club Road.)

Follow Gun Club Road to the east about .3 of a mile and turn left onto 41st Street. 

Going north now for a mile of a gentle uphill grade. 

At the traffic light, turn left onto Terrace Heights Drive.

Follow it a mile to the west and turn right onto Keys Road to return to YAC Fitness Gym parking lot.