Sarg Hubbard Park


To Get There: (all directions will start from the intersection of North/South 1st Street and West/East Yakima Avenue.)


Proceed east on Yakima Avenue. Follow Yakima Avenue over I-82 and the road will become Terrace Heights Drive.

You will drive by The Oxford Inn/Suites, Burger King, on your left and the Greenway Auto Car sales lot on your right. Wal-Mart will be to your right at the traffic light. Proceed through the traffic light and turn right onto the next road, 18th street. (If you go over the Yakima River bridge, you went too far.) Follow 18th as it bears right for .25 miles and you will see Sarg Hubbard Park to your left. Park in the upper parking lot. The start of the pathway is to the southeast corner of the administration house.


Be aware that there are some inner Sarg Hubbard pathways that are enjoyable to run too, especially the one that goes down along the edge of Reflection Pool and climbs up to the park again.


The main pathway goes south and north parallel to the Yakima River. There are mile markers at quarter mile intervals along the path. (Click here to see the overall Yakima Greenway Map.)



Going north: (Click here to see specific map.)

From Sarg Hubbard Park to the parking lot at Myron Lake and back is 11.4 miles. You can adapt this run to your own distances as the pathway has mile markers on it.

As you follow the pathway north, approximately 3 miles, you will go under the twin bridges of the freeway. As you come out the other side, stay on the pathway that goes straight ahead. (If you take the pathway that hooks to the left and up onto the bridge, it will take you to Harland Landing and to Selah.)

Follow the pathway along the edge of Berglund lake. At the west end, the pathway turns right and goes down into the woods. Follow it west and it will eventually take a gentle upgrade to the 16th Avenue parking area & interchange.

To continue, turn left and cross to the right side of the overpass. Go over the freeway, cross the off ramp lane and on the down slope, take the pathway to the right. The pathway now parallels the highway on the south side.

Approximately one mile, you will come up to the edge of Myron lake. If you follow the pathway straight ahead, it goes around the north and west edge of the lake and dead ends at the fence.

If you turn left at the leading edge of the lake, it will take you to the south parking lot of the lake.

At this point, you would need to return via the route you came on.



Going south: (Click Here to see specific map)

This loop run is approximately 3.4 miles.

Follow the pathway south and it come on to the edge of the river dike. There is a man make lake on your right and the Yakima River on your left.

Approximately of a mile, the pathway will curve/drop down to the right into the woods. If you follow the paved pathway, it will come out at the Sherman Park parking lot, which also is the site of the animal shelter. [Total distance is 1.28 miles] If you go out the drive and turn left, you will go along a road, with the wrecking yard on your left, and come to Robertson Landing parking area.

The pathway normally continues south for another 1.7 miles, BUT IS CLOSED AT THIS POINT DUE TO BRIDGE CONSTRUCTION at this time. (Fall 2005) To access the south pathway, you would go out the Sherman Park parking lot and follow the detour signs to get to the pathway. Lot of road changes going on and the detours keep changing too. If you do get onto the south pathway, it ends at the Valley Mall Blvd parking lot which is approximately another 2.5 miles from Sherman Park via detours.

A nice loop option is to turn left coming out of the Sherman Park parking lot, follow the road by the wrecking lot, go straight (do NOT turn down to your right into the lower Robertson Landing parking lot) and just before running into the river, turn left at the bar gate and run on the river dike road to the north along the river. It will rejoin the paved pathway at the section where it dropped into the woods. Be aware that this section is rock/dirt/gravel for approximately of a mile. Upon returning to the paved pathway, continue north to where you started at Sarg Hubbard Park.



In the winter, watch for the bald eagles and other raptors. You may see deer anytime of the year not to mention various other types of wildlife.