Ahtanum Youth Park.


(at this time, October 2005, the park is still maintained by the county and does not have any entry fees.  It is possible this may change in the future with an entry/vehicle fee being imposed.)


To Get There:

From Yakima Avenue-North/South 1st Street, go south on 1st Street.

Turn right onto Nob Hill Blvd.

Follow Nob Hill west and turn left onto 3rd Avenue.

Follow 3rd Avenue south and turn right onto Ahtanum Road at the traffic light.

Follow Ahtanum west for approximately .4 of a mile and turn left into the park.

Upon entering the park, follow the road to the right.  It will make a long curve around the park and as you come into the center area, choose a parking area.  There are restrooms at the central area.


5 Miles approximately.  Click Here to see the map.


Start your run by going out the entrance/exit of the park and turn left onto Ahtanum Road.  (Traffic can volume can be heavy and fast at times, but the shoulder is wide.)

Continue west and turn left onto 16th Avenue.

Follow 16th south, turn left onto Gilbert, curves right onto 11th and curves left onto Meadowbrook Road.  Enjoy the view back to the north of the Yakima area.

Follow Meadowbrook east and the curve downward to the left as it becomes Goodman Road.

Turn left onto Ahtanum Road and return into the park to your starting point.