Cowiche Canyon


How to get there:


Option 1: Trail gravel pathway through the bottom of the canyon


From Yakima Avenue & North/South 1st Street:

Go north on 1st Street. Turn left onto Lincoln.

Follow Lincoln and turn right onto 40th Avenue.

Turn left onto Powerhouse Road.

Follow Powerhouse and turn left onto Cowiche Canyon Road.

Follow the road to the end.

Parking is along the road edge and signs show you to the pathway.


Follow the pathway west. You will cross several foot bridges. The end of the pathway is approximately 2.8 miles. The pathway is gravel, but it can be slippery on the bridges in rain or when frosty/icy.


There are various places you can climb up to the top of the canyon. Watch for single footpaths to your left as you go west.



Option 2: Upland Trail rocky & dirt


From Yakima travel west on Summitview Rd. until you reach 40th ave. Turn north on 40th until you get to the 2nd light. Turn west on Englewood  travel about 3 miles until Englewood intersects with 80th ave. Turn north on 80th go about 1/4 mile to West Scenic Drive turn west about 1/2 mile to Scenic Drive parking area. 


Enter the area through the gate and follow the trail west to the end. Approximately 2.9 miles.


You can drop to the canyon bottom pathway at various places on the single track trails. It is a steep decent/climb.


Be aware that there are NO facilities on the trail areas. This is an open area without cover and in the summer, take water. In rain/snow, it can be muddy. In warm/hot weather, you may see snakes along the trails.