Franklin Park


To Get There:


From Yakima Avenue and North/South 1st Street – go west on Yakima Avenue.

Follow Yakima Avenue and turn left onto 16th Avenue.

Turn right onto Tieton Drive.

Just after 19th Avenue, turn right into the parking lot of Franklin Park/Yakima Valley Museum.  (The museum has a great ice cream shop for post running recovery nutrition.)



“Tour de Parks’ – Franklin Park to Randall Park and back.  Approximately 6 miles.

Click here to see map.


Go east on Tieton and turn left onto 19th Avenue.  (the school is on the corner)

Go up 19th and cross back into the park and run up the terraces.

At the top, turn left onto Chestnut.

Follow Chestnut west, cross over 40th Avenue.

Continue west and turn left onto Westover, bear right and left onto Chisholm, right onto Bell and left onto 44th Avenue.

Turn right onto Tieton and turn left/c ross over Tieton and continue south.

Cross over Nob Hill Blvd and continue south.

Enter into Randall Park onto the pathway going east and cross up the footbridge to your right.  Follow the pathway south and east and exit out the parking lot on the east side of the park.

Turn left onto 44th Avenue and continue north.

Cross Nob Hill Blvd.

Turn right onto Tieton and follow Tieton Drive east back to Franklin Park.


“Tour de Classic Homes  Approximately 3.3 miles. Click Here To See Map


Start to your right out of the parking lot onto Tieton going west.  You will go by the museum.

Turn right onto Stanley and follow it upward as it curves along the perimeter of the park.

Turn left onto Chestnut.

Follow Chestnut west and turn right onto 36th Avenue.

A block later, turn right onto Yakima Avenue going east.

Follow Yakima Avenue down the hill.

At the traffic light, turn right onto 16th Avenue.

Cross Chestnut and turn right onto Tieton Drive and finish back in the parking lot.