Welcome to the Hard Core Runners Club's Running Map Main Page

Below are 10 sites for runs that the club members use. To see the specific area with map and text descriptions, click on the numbered headings below which correspond to the number on the map.

***** See the map below the area descriptions *****

If you have comments about the running areas, please drop me an email at kennz@aol.com.

Enjoy, Kenn - HCR's Club webmaster.


1. Sarg Hubbard Park & Greenway. Paved pathway along the Yakima River. (3.4 & 11.4 mapped, but quarter mile markers on the pathway allow various distances.)

2. YAC Fitness Gym (formerly Gold's Gym) Parking Lot. Scenic Terrace Heights area. (Host site of the Sun City 1/2 Marathon & 5K Race in October). [3.1, 4.3 & 5.05 mile distances mapped.]

3. Terrace Heights Elementary School Parking Lot. More scenic runs of the area. (Host site of the Frosty Four Miler race the first Saturday of February) 3.25, 4.15, & 6.8 mile distances mapped.

4. East Valley Middle School Parking Lot. Great rural country running. (Site of the third Winter Race Series race in January.) 5 mile distance mapped

5. Selah City Park. Great site to start and finish a loop run through the countryside. 6 mile distance mapped

6. Gilbert Park-Warehouse Theatre Parking Lot. Runs include some of Yakima's best homes and great scenic views. 5 & 6.1 mile distances mapped.

7. Cowiche Canyon. Run the gravel pathway at the bottom of the canyon or take on the rocky trails on top with single pathways down & up to the bottom pathway. Very scenic. 5.6 & 5.8 mile distances mapped.

8. West Valley High School Parking Lot. Scenic runs along the orchards and rural settings. 5.5 & 8.1 mile distances mapped.

9. Ahtanum Youth Park. Scenic loop run on paved roads south of town into the rural areas and along the edge of the ridge. 5 mile distance mapped. (this park is a pay to use facility now)

10. Franklin Park. Great scenic runs of some of Yakima's older homes and the terrace's of the park. Also, a 'park to park' loop run. 3.3 & 6 mile distances mapped.