Selah Loop 6.5 Miles


To Get There:


From Yakima Avenue & North/South 1st Street, go north on 1st street.

Continue onto the I-82 – Selah ramp entrance.

Stay in the left lane to head into Selah.

In Selah, turn left on Selah Avenue.  Wixon Park is at Selah Avenue and 3rd Street.


Loop Route….approximately 6.5 miles.  Click Here To See Map


From the park, head north on 3rd.  Cross Fremont.  Turn right on Bartlett.  Turn left onto 1st Street which will become Selah Loop Road.

Follow the road north past the schools and into the countryside.  (Be aware that the shoulder is narrow and vehicles drive fast in this section of the course.)  Selah Loop Road will curve to the left.

Bear left onto Baker Road and some of “The Hills”.

Bear right onto McGonagle.

Turn left onto Speyers Road (name changed from Selah Loop Road to Spyers)

Follow Speyers as it returns to Selah.

Bear left onto Fremont, turn right onto 3rd and return to your starting place at the park.


This use to be one of our race courses in past years.  It was called the Harold Wood Memorial Loop.  Harold Wood was one of our founding members and an ultra runner.