Sagebrush 5K - September 17, 2005


The 2nd annual Sagebrush 5K Run at Tampico Pioneer Day was another success. Although turnout was light, we saw the best talent yet. Our over all winner was Kyle Smith from Selah, age 13 with a time of 22.44 You read that right, age 13.


Meliah Brewer age 7 36.49

Sandy Boyd 42 32.07

Elizabeth Shepard 45 31.22

Linda Snyder 47 36.50

Donna Nettleship 43 22.50


Nathan Reese age 12 24.36

Largent Brewer 10 25.29

Kyle Smith 13 22.44

Kevin Clark 40 24.47

Larry McCaw 57 29.45

Dennis Higbee 64 26.22

Dick Boyd 67 28.52

Thanks again Hard Core Runners Club for your continued support. Just to keep your blood moving, next year our Sagebrush 5K Run will move to Grey Rock Trail and become the Tall Timber 10K trail RACE from Tree Phones to the top of Whites Ridge and back. A quick 2000' rise and fall before breakfast at Tampico. May I suggest the Grey Rock 50K in August as a warm up? See you next year!

Gailon Gentry

Race Director