Long Runners - Sunday - November 20, 2005 - 8:00 A.M. was a nice time to head west out Summitview to the top and back via the canyon.


Click Here To See Pictures Taken By Eric Anderson At The Annual Hard Core Runners Club 'Predict Your Time' Turkey Trot.
Here are the 'winners' from last Sunday's Turkey Trot-


1st Colette Schooley Predicted 45:00, Actual 45:08 Whole Turkey

2nd Ruth Becker Predicted 27:00, Actual 26:41 Turkey Roast

Last/Furthest Sarah Towne Predicted 80:00, Actual 51:32 Turkey Bologna


1st (tie) Steve Cullen Predicted 24:49, Actual 24:49 Whole Turkey

Bill Pickering Predicted 24:00, Actual 24:00 Whole Turkey

2nd George Gilhuly Predicted 24:09, Actual 24:15 Turkey Roast

Last/Furthest Tony Sagare Predicted 29:15, Actual 47:02 Turkey Bologna



Club Awards presented to Pat Miller - Hard Core Runners Club Social Fun Run Chair & Long Run coordinator and Kenn Zahn - Hard Core Runners Club Web Master