HCR's Club Winter Race Series: Race #1 - December 6, 2009

Thanks to everyone who contributed to a successful opener to the 2009-10 Winter Race Series. These volunteers confronted wind chills in the single digits, a larger-than-expected turnout and the race director's organizational omissions:
Pat and Karen Miller, Lorrie Smith, Lenore Dolphin, Elisabeth Tutsch, Shannon Moyer, and Bill and Virginia Nicholson.
Lorrie had babe in arms while registering runners (we call it juggling family with outside interests -- literally). Pat set up the cider, took photos and steered runners into the finishing chute, among sundry duties. Karen and Lenore kept the registration running smoothly. Shannon crunched the results that day -- and earlier noticed a waiver issue that required rectification. Elisabeth took the little clock to the one-mile and two-mile markers (the same place on an out-and-back three-miler), and thus the race took its place in HCR history by offering digital splits at every mile. Bill and Virginia stood out in the arctic winds and made sure everybody ran those three miles -- not too far and not too short.
We were set up for about 120 runners, and we got more than 140. We employed the "duct tape solution" for safety pins, and the final 20 or so runners were told to memorize their places and relay that to the registration crew, as we had run out of cards. Whew.
That was so much fun, let's do it again! Race No. 2 will be Dec. 20 at the Yakima Athletic Club.
Thanks to all.

Results of Race #1 - Click Here
Photos by PAT MILLER are posted on Facebook: "The Hard Core Running Club of Central Washington".